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                     WHO'S GROWING YOUR FLOWERS?



My name is Katarina, I am the woman behind the bouquets. 

I grew up in the woods of the Comox valley and spider lake with an adoration of the outdoors and the creative. 

Since childhood I've had a pressing desire to do something meaningful with this life I am experiencing.  Creativity, service and a respect for our earth and elders being at the top of the list of priorities for me.  

Over the years this desire has expressed itself in many ways through traveling, yoga and many forms of art. In the last few years, I have had the privilege of growing flowers for the Comox Valley.  


It is a priority for Gratefully Grown Flowers to be completely spray free, our pest management is 100% manual removal and/or by use of physical barriers. We are not certified organic; however, all of our flowers are organically grown. 

I feel so grateful to be a supply of farm to table, local and sustainable blooms. 

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